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Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are not a new element of the dental scene, but they are among the most important. When a tooth has been lost, regardless of how or why, this procedure has become the method of choice for filling the gap in your smile.

Archeologists have discovered a huge variety of items that have been pressed in to use as replacement teeth, including stones, shells, and even teeth unknowingly donated from the dead. However, it was the discovery of a unique property of titanium that led to the modern method of installing dental implants in Hervey Bay, and throughout the world.

Unlike most other metals, titanium screws are ‘adopted’ by the surrounding jawbone when they are inserted. Over the course of time, typically three to six months after insertion, the bone itself ‘knits’ around the screw, bonding to it, and reinforcing both the seat of the new tooth and the surrounding jawbone. Your surgeon is then free to install your new tooth on the screw, moulded and coloured to match it’s seatmates.

A dental implant has a number of notable advantages, such as:

  • No more gaps in your smile
  • Your speech improves
  • Easier, more enjoyable, and more even chewing
  • A boost to your self-confidence

If you have gaps in your smile, there is a procedure waiting for you to revive it. Dental implants for Hervey Bay are waiting for you!

Hervey Bay lies roughly 300 kilometres north of Brisbane, along the coast of Queensland. Originally a timber shipping area, Hervey Bay is now primarily engaged in tourism, with activities such as whale-watching, excursions to Fraser Island, and fishing charters.

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