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Over the course of their investigations in to the life of our ancestors, archaeologists have noted that most continents had at one, if not several, rudimentary methods of replacing lost teeth. These included animals’ teeth, shell, and even stones. Dental surgery is not exactly a new art, but its methods have certainly changed over the years.

One of the more profound changes occurred only lately, in this century, when dentists stumbled upon a solution to an age-old problem: how to affix replacement teeth. Jawbones refused to adhere to stainless steel and brass screws, and in fact, they only exacerbated the breakdown of the bone after the tooth’s departure. However, the arrival of titanium screws changed all of this. The bone actually adopted the screw – securing it over time, encouraging bone growth, and providing a viable seat on which to place brand new teeth.

Synthetic teeth, strong and hard, rounded off this progression in dental surgery. And the lucky bearer of this new tooth can be you. Dental implants, in Darwin and elsewhere, are among the most common, reliable and successful dental surgeries available. Benefits include:

  • A gap-free, confident smile
  • More even chewing habits
  • Speech problems are eliminated
  • Bone retention in your jaw

If you’re in need of some replacement teeth, National Periodontics has Darwin’s needs for dental implants ready and waiting. Contact us today to find out more.

Darwin, the capital of Northern Territory, lies on the Arafula Sea in the extreme north of the state. With its tropical climate and monsoonal rains, Darwin serves as the finishing point for the Ghan Railway system, and as the regional centre for the entire ‘Top End’ of the country.

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