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The art of dental surgery has progressed by leaps and bounds over the course of the past century. From the use of rudimentary replacements for lost teeth, such as wood and stone, our modern methods bear almost no resemblance. Dental implants in Bundaberg, and throughout Australia, are now a common and reliable procedure.

One of the main reasons that this procedure has become so commonplace is the benefits to the patient go beyond just the replacement tooth. The jawbone of an individual suffering from missing teeth will often begin to lose its strength and shape, which can result in further dental problems, as well as potentially distorting or altering the jawline of the patient. However, a titanium mount inserted through the tooth cavity in to the jawline actually promotes bone growth, ensuring the bone stays healthy and strong.

Meanwhile, with the missing tooth replaced, there are more benefits for the wearer. These include:

  • A more confident, gap-free smile
  • The elimination of any speech difficulties
  • More even and comfortable chewing and eating

This procedure comes with a success rate well in to the high 90th percentile, and is among the simplest and most effective procedures in modern dentistry. If you have been affected by lost teeth and are looking for a reliable solution, dental implants for Bundaberg from National Periodontics are waiting for you.

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The town of Bundaberg lies on the Burnett River, roughly 400 kilometres north of the state capital in Brisbane. Renowned for its rum, the city was originally a timber outpost. It grew quickly to city status by 1913, and now serves as home for over seventy thousand residents.

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