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What is Gum Surgery in Adelaide?

When you come to National Periodontics for a regular dental check-up, your gums will be thoroughly checked for periodontal (gum) disease. If we find any evidence of this and if our periodontist has determined that you need gum surgery in Adelaide, you will be provided complete information about what it is and what is involved in it. Here are some facts about gum disease and surgery:

Periodontal disease is essentially bacterial infection which infects the gum tissues and causes redness, inflammation, swelling & bone-loss around the teeth. It may affect 1/many teeth

Periodontal disease starts with bacteria that are present in the mouth. This bacteria attaches itself to the teeth, collects and multiplies, forming a dental plaque on them

If this plaque is not cleaned at a dental office, it can cause inflammation in the adjacent gingival tissues and causes gingivitis, which is the initial phase of gum disease and you may end up needing gum surgery in Adelaide

The Surgery

Though gingivitis need not always need surgery, if it has turned into a more aggravated form, your periodontist will suggest gum surgery in Adelaide. This is what you can expect from the surgery:

Before Surgery : You will first be administered a local anesthetic. Your periodontist will also clean your teeth thoroughly and ask you about chronic health conditions you have or any medications you are taking, as some of these may impact the surgery

During Surgery - The surgeon will first fold the gums back (this forms a flap), to access the tissue just under the gums. All the infected tissue will be removed after which tooth scaling and root planing will be carried out to completely remove the bacteria that are below the gumline. This also helps in smoothening the rough spots that exist on the tooth roots as these tend to promote the recurrence of gum disease

Post Surgery - The gums will be sutured with dissolvable stitches. In some cases non-dissolvable stitches will be used and you will have to make a follow-up visit to have then removed.

Things to Remember

Most patients have mild-moderate pain post the surgery and this can easily be monitored with OTC pain relievers. In case of moderate swelling, applying an ice pack on the area helps. Your periodontists may also prescribe an antibiotic and you will have to follow all the instructions carefully. In case you experience and any gum bleeding/swelling post the gum surgery in Adelaide, you should contact your periodontists without delay. For appointments, call National Periodontics on +61 08 8363 3700 or contact us via this online form.

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