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The LANAP Treatment Revolution

Graham West - Saturday, July 30, 2016
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Traditional methods of coping with gingivitis and periodontitis involve cleaning underneath the gumline to treat infected, inflamed gum tissues and remove bacterial pockets. They have remained unchanged for a number of years. Dental scraping and removal techniques today are still done with the specialised curettes and dental scrapers of dental hygienists, but their trade has recently been shaken by the arrival of a new procedure, with the goal of increasing efficacy and the comfort level of the patient.

The LANAP - Laser Assisted Regeneration methodology was developed in 1994, by Robert H. Gregg II and Delwin McCarthy, and has bred a move away from traditional techniques. This laser treatment has the advantage of precision. The guided laser can delicately target only infected tissue and active bacteria pockets underneath your gumline, cleaning with guided, precise action.

Due to this precise action, the recovery time from your procedure is considerably shorter. There is far less collateral damage with the laser, compared to traditional methods, meaning your gums will not be tender, bloody, or painful in the days that follow. The procedure is fast, direct, and efficient.

But the best aspect of the LANAP treatment is the action that it has on existing growth. This laser actually promotes healthy tissue growth: its usage can actually make the ‘pocket’, where bacteria typically grows and causes problems, to shrink, and encourage the gums to bond more strongly to the tooth.

This method has been met with positive results everywhere that it is in use. If you are in need of a non-invasive procedure to aid your periodontitis or gingivitis, LANAP could be for you.

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