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Pin Hole Surgery for Receding Gums

National Periodontics - Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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Dental surgery can be a scary experience for a lot of patients. It can be intimidating to face the reality of the surgeon's chair, and many patients are not happy with the concept of invasive surgery at such close proximity to their eyes and faces. Little wonder techniques minimising the ‘invasive' element of surgery have been in such high demand.

So-called ‘pinhole' surgery has come about in response to this need. These surgeries follow in the spirit of the arthroscope surgeries that have become de rigour in joint operations – they use a very small incision, and small tools, to perform a job. This technique has lately been brought to bear against the scourge of receding gums.

Receding gum are the result of a number of potential causes. They can be caused by genetics, eating habits, and wear over time, among others. They can result in tooth sensitivity and discomfort, as well as aesthetic concerns. Luckily, National Periodontics has adopted pin hole surgery to aid those suffering from receding gums. This method involves making a pin hole incision in the gum tissue, loosening it, and allowing your surgeon to shift it in to position over the sensitive, exposed areas of your teeth. This process can cover exposed roots, ensuring your teeth aren't overly sensitive to heat or cold, and look as good as ever.

This method makes use of the finest, smallest dental tools, which are advantageous for two reasons: they create a tiny hole, which offers a shorter and cleaner healing time and process, and they ensure that the final look and feel of your gums is as close to natural as possible.

For more information on this striking new method, contact National Periodontics, at any of our Australia-wide locations.

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