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Energy Drinks, Gum Disease and Periodontics

admin 1 - Wednesday, October 25, 2017
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Our diet plays a huge role in our dental, and our overall, health. But such things change with the times; our diet today is decidedly not that of our parents or grandparents. In some respects, this has been a good thing, in the emphasis towards fresh vegetables and fruits as an essential aspect of a healthy diet. But some trends are less so.

The growth of energy drinks in Australia is a predictable aspect of our reality here: we often seek an energy kick during the course of a long work day, but our climate isn’t well-suited to hot beverages. This means we often look to other sources for caffeine.

Today, Red Bull, Monster, V, and dozens of other caffeinated energy drinks fill the shelves of the supermarket. They offer us the ability to maintain our energy when lacking for sleep, and perk us up quickly in the morning and when we need them. However, they are not well-suited to good dental health – many of them contain considerably more sugar than a similarly-sized can of coke or sprite.

However, despite this, they have attracted considerably less attention than their counterparts, who have been targeted for bans for sale in some areas. However, given their acidic nature and sugar content, they can have a similar or even greater impact upon our collective need for implants or gum disease treatment, a trend noted in our practices from Adelaide to Hervey Bay, and beyond.

Furthermore, as they are often consumed in the morning, we are not then due to brush our teeth for another several hours. These drinks (with the exception of the sugar-free varieties) must be consumed in moderation, or at the least, combined with a highly strict dental care regimen.

Other options do abound – cold drip coffees, or iced lattes, are also available in a can. At National Periodontics, we believe they are worth considering when making a well-rounded decision on behalf of your one, and only, set of pearly whites.

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