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Dental and Teeth Implants for Adelaide and the Modern Diet

National Periodontics - Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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At National Periodontics, dental and teeth implants, in Adelaide and around the country, are one of our most common procedures. They are brought to bear on mouths of all ages, replacing teeth that have decayed beyond repair, or have been knocked out accidentally.

But our current state of affairs is unprecedented. Fossil records have indicated that our teeth have never been in a worse state than recent years. Our prior diets, as hunter/gatherers and in the early days of the agricultural revolution, did not possess the same degree of oral destructiveness as that of today. That has come down to one key element: our taste for sugar.

Sugar has become an additive in nearly every facet of our diet. There are some key reasons for it becoming an additive for so many different food groups. One, the 19th century advent of corn syrup replacing sugar cane made it particularly cheap. And secondly, sugar is somewhat addictive to its consumers. Apart from the impacts upon dental health, this addiction to sugar has spiked our rates of obesity, and diabetes, among both young and old.

Dental implants in Adelaide have spiked appreciably as this trend on our teeth has taken hold. The onslaught of sugar has required us to be extra vigilant with our tooth brushing and flossing, as our mouths were not meant to process this much sugar. While we at National Periodontics can provide you with treatment, we need to also consider methods of sustaining ourselves that limits our current consumption of this destructive additive, as its ill health effects are numerous.

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