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  • Dr. Arthur Drouganis

    Dr Arthur Drouganis

    Dr Drouganis is our principle periodontist with over 35 years’ experience. He started his career as a general dentist and has worked as a Specialist Periodontist since 2000.

    Dr Drouganis holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Adelaide University and has published papers in national and international journals on periodontics.

    Having co-conducted post graduate courses at Adelaide University, Dr Drouganis has dedicated part of his time as an undergraduate tutor. He prides himself on practicing cutting edge techniques which will improve the overall results to his patients.



    Dr Ranu Acharya

    BDS, Grad Cert (Clinical Dentistry) (Melb), ClinDent (Perio) (Adel) Periodontal Registrar

    Dr Ranu Acharya is a trained and qualified dentist whom has been practicing in Melbourne.

    Dr Acharya has worked in both public and private practice and is currently working towards completing her specialist training as a Periodontist at Adelaide University.

    Dr Acharya, will be working under the guidance of Dr Arthur Drouganis and is restricted only to periodontal procedures.

    We welcome Dr Acharya to our team and wish her all the best in completion of her Master’s degree.

South Australia

  • Emma 

    Oral Health Therapist/Hygienist

    Oral Health Therapist
  • Donna

    Clinical Nurse

    Dental Clinical Nurse
  • Melanie

    Clinical Nurse

    Dental Clinic Nurse
  • Jenna 

    Clinical Nurse

    Dental Clinic Nurse

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